The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Fundraiser is today!

Bring a friend for a great workout and help us raise money for the UVA Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Training Fund. 

The UVA PICU cares for infants, kids and teenagers with serious illnesses and injuries or who have had complex surgery — including heart procedures and organ transplants. The UVA PICU admits about 1,000 children each year. The PICU training fund provides support for PICU providers- nurses, therapists, and residents- to attend training sessions, conferences, and workshops. It also provides funding to bring experts into the PICU for on-site training. 100% of all monies collected will be donated to the UVA PICU Training Fund.

Time: 0930-1100 (0830 Open Gym ends at 9:30 & the fundraiser replaces the 1000 class; 1100 Open Gym & Weightlifting are unchanged)

Childcare will be available from 0915-1115.

Please register for the fundraiser ahead of time. If you are bringing a friend, please have them also register ahead of time at the link below.

Please register here.

WOD #1

Working in teams of 4, complete for time:

  • 200m Run Relay

Then, with two people working at a time:

  • 5 Synchro Burpee Relay
  • 4 Synchro Burpee Relay
  • 3 Synchro Burpee Relay
  • 2 Synchro Burpee Relay
  • 1 Synchro Burpee Relay*

Then, complete:

  • 800m Run Together

*Partners 1 and 2 will complete 5 synchro burpees, then partners 3 and 4 will complete 5 synchro burpees. Partner 1 and 2 will then complete 4 synchro burpees, and this pattern continues until both pairs have completed all 5 sets of burpees.*

WOD #2

In teams of 4, complete as many rounds as possible in 7:00:

  • 30 Synchronized Air Squats
  • 40m Forward Crawl Relay (20m each x 2)
  • 40m Synchronized Plate Overhead Walking Lunge (TPWAAT – 20m per pair)