“Four and half months ago I started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, this included a goal of being under 200 pounds by my birthday. Today I hit that goal a month and half early! Thanks to Solidarity CrossFit and my trainers Michael Towne, Becky Tippett, Jasonn Ross, and all my other CF buddies….I could not have done this without your support! CrossFit FTW!!!!”  –Steve A.

“I cannot say enough positive things about Solidarity Crossfit.  First, the facility is top-notch, and the owners are always looking for ways to make it even better, whether it’s through maintaining the rowers, creating custom wall ball targets, or buying new equipment to make the workouts even more challenging and fun.

However, the real value of Solidarity comes from its people. It is far more than just a place to work out: it’s a community of people who push themselves and each other to be better every day. The owners and coaches are extremely passionate about improving the lives of their clients through improved fitness and nutrition, and by building a community of healthy, active individuals.

As for the physical benefits of Crossfit, I came from a running background and was skeptical that strength training and short, intense workouts could keep me in as good shape as a 13 mile run. However, since joining, I have accomplished things I did not think were possible, and, in doing so, have become physically and mentally stronger. In addition, my cardio conditioning has not diminished even though my workout length has dropped dramatically. I can still go outside on any given day and complete a long run.
On top of everything else, I can honestly say I enjoy the workouts, and am constantly looking forward to the next one. What more can you ask for? This place is as good as it gets!”  -Steph D.

“Working with Becky and Michael has been a wonderful and life changing experience for me. I have always done some sort of exercising, mostly cardio, but I never really enjoyed doing it. It was always just a way to not get fat. Same with my eating habits…. I was eating with the goal to not get fat (this included a diet full of plain chicken breasts and egg whites). That meant that a lot of my day was spent thinking about how to not be fat, which is a really unpleasant way to live.
Becky started to change the way I thought about food back in the Fall of 2010. Before Solidarity CrossFit existed, she ran boot camp classes. I almost passed out at the first couple of workouts I attended. After asking Becky about it, she asked me for food log. So, I sent it to her and her immediate response was that I wasn’t eating enough. I equated more food with me being fat, so this was a hard concept for me to process. Becky brought to my attention that if I wanted to be successful at the workouts then I needed to have enough calories in my system to fuel it. It was amazing! I actually needed to eat more… who would have thought that could ever happen!

My enjoyment of working out has been a more recent change. I started regularly attending classes with Becky and Michael in April of 2012. I had not lifted weights since I was in high school, so learning all the different movements was new and scary to me. When I first started, I couldn’t do a proper air squat, I had no idea what a press or a deadlift was, and swinging a 35 pound kettlebell frightened me.

Becky and Michael took the time to introduce each movement to me to make sure that I was comfortable with it. They also push me to lift what I should be lifting, not what I think I should be lifting. Michael will sometimes sneak over and add weight to my bar, because he knows I can do more than I think I can. I am now extremely comfortable with the lifts and can swing the 53 pound kettlebell with no problems!

I actually enjoy working out and being sore the next day. I used to love going out of town and taking a break from working out, but now I schedule it into my vacations, because I get antsy without it. It gives me so much satisfaction to go in and beat my lift from last week or my time from a few months ago. It gives me healthy goals to reach rather than just having the goal of not being fat. I am actually 10 pounds heavier than what my “goal weight” I was trying to reach when I first met Becky, but I am one size smaller and the happiest I have ever been with my body.”  -Cat A.

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