Please refer to our our blogfacebook page, or contact us for up-to-date details on hours during holidays and inclement weather.


We offer classes Monday through Sunday as detailed in the schedule below. We do not program new workouts on Sunday. Instead, that is a time for you to make up a workout you may have missed earlier in the week or to use the gym for active recovery, mobility, or skill development work.


0545 Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

0600 Tuesday & Thursday

0645 Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

0900 Monday through Friday except Thursday (with childcare)

1130 Monday through Friday

1630 Monday through Friday except Thursday

1730 Monday through Friday

1830 Monday through Thursday

1000 Saturday (with childcare)

Free Intro

1100 Saturday by reservation here


By special event…stay on top of your newsletter!

Open Gym

0830 & 1100 Saturday

1030 Sunday

Olympic Weightlifting (Barbell Club)

1830 Tuesday & Thursday

1100 Saturday

Boot Camp

0645 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday