When:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at the 0900 class. Saturday at the 1000 class.

Pricing: $50 Unlimited Monthly, or, by the day at $8 for the first child, $4 for each additional child. First use is free for drop-ins.

The child care attendant is present for 90 minutes, 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class and 15 minutes after class ends. This will allow parents plenty of time to warm up before class, cool down and/or do mobility afterward, so make sure you use this time!

To take advantage of child care, please note the following:

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class to sign your child in and help get them settled.
  • Parents must sign their child in and out of childcare each time visit.
  • Parents are responsible for all diaper changes and bathroom trips.
  • Parents must bring their own supplies: diapers, sanitizing wipes, etc.
  • Parents may not leave the gym while their child is present, except for stepping outdoors briefly during workouts as required (runs, sled drags, etc).
  • Children must be well-behaved.

Please feel free to email if you have any additional questions.


Before Coming To Class:

Members must RSVP online before coming to class. This may be done any time, but cancellations to a reservation need to be made at least one hour before class. Weekday classes are capped at 16 members. Saturdays classes are not capped as we enjoy having one large community class a week where people from all the different class times throughout the week can mix it up.

On any device with an internet connection:

Go to on any web browser and  log in using you Zen Planner credentials to get started.

On any iOS or Android mobile device:

Download the Zen Planner app and log in using you Zen Planner credentials. You can do the following from your mobile device:

  • Reserve your spot in our classes
  • Check In when you arrive
  • Upload a profile photo
  • View your bills, and much more

“Why do you cap your classes?”

At Solidarity CrossFit, we feel that having a low coach to athlete ratio is vital to ensuring we give our members a quality coaching experience. This is why we provide assistant coaches at the more popular class times, and also why we cap our classes.

Solidarity Parking Map


Solidarity CrossFit has plenty of parking. Please help us be considerate neighbors by following the guidelines below. Zone A, green on map, spaces in front of gym and street parking, are available at all times. Zone B, blue on map, spaces in front of neighboring businesses are not available during business hours (Mon-Fri 7AM-6PM). Zone C, red on map, spaces in front of Judo Studio and Southern States exit are No-Parking at all times.



How to use Solidarity CrossFit CLASSES:
  • Come often and early (5 minutes in advance) every week. Attend three times or more per week for best results.
  • RSVP online for class, and sign-in upon arrival. To learn more, read our RSVP System for Classes.
  • ATTITUDE – Cheer others on, clap, give high 5’s and be positive – it will improve YOUR results!
  • Be responsible.
  • Choose weights according to your ability AND mindset that day.
  • Be mindful: Stay alert, awake, and fully engaged in class.
  • Be honest with your numbers, both in your journal and in times/reps in class.
  • Create a plan to train when you are traveling and/or can’t make it to the gym.
  • Use the website daily to watch for upcoming events, fitness and nutrition information, workouts, and interact by posting comments.
  • Participate in all seminars and events – they will prove invaluable to your training.
How to use your COACHES:
  • We’re here to serve as a resource! Use your coaches for…
    • Health/fitness/nutrition questions, concerns, problems.
    • Progress checks and accountability (showing up, diet, goals).
    • Goal identifying and setting.
    • Administrative changes to your membership.
How to use the INTERNET:
How to use your PERSONAL JOURNAL:
  • Use it at every class, without fail. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth writing down.
  • Fill it out after the workout – be specific with each appropriate area (what did you do to warm up? Cool down? How did it feel? What were your weights? Times? Aggravating or other factors, such as sleep, stress, etc?)
  • Track what you do when you’re not with us – write your workouts, progress, challenges, and epiphanies!
How to care for Solidarity CrossFit EQUIPMENT:
  • Only drop LOADED barbells – they must have at least the 25lb bumper plates on them. Do not drop empty barbells, barbells with steel plates, dumbbells, or kettlebells.
  • Never drop weight in the Annex (small upper room in the gym).
  • Pick up after yourself – re-rack weights, put away boxes, re-hang rubber bands and jump ropes.
  • Clean up after yourself – For equipment, use the provided sanitizing wipes. For the floor, use the provided rags and spray cleaner bottles.
  • Be conservative in your use of chalk. Keep your hands inside the chalk bucket when applying, and clap off the excess before removing them.
Children and Pets:
  • We love being a family-friendly gym. However, much of what we do requires concentration and a controlled environment for safety. For their own safety and for consideration of other members and coaches, we ask that at any point a class is in session, (whether warming up, working out, or cooling down) that all children remain seated quietly in one spot, safely out of the way. For children who need supervision we offer several class times a week with child care. To learn more, click here.
  • We love our furry friends but due to allergies and the fact that we spend a lot of time on the floor for various activities, we have a no pets policy inside the gym.
Last but not least, HAVE FUN!