If you’re looking for a well-rounded fitness program, CrossFit is for you. You will constantly challenge yourself and see regular improvement across all physical domains: aerobic capacity, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.


When is it?

We offer CrossFit classes seven days a week from early morning to evening. See our schedule page for a full listing of class offerings.

What will you do in CrossFit classes?

All of our CrossFit classes are coach led and include a warm-up, strength/skill portion, conditioning workout, and a mobility/cool down activity.

How do I join CrossFit classes?

For those new to CrossFit your first step is signing up for our Prep Course program or coming to meet us and see the facility at one of our free intro classes.

If you have done CrossFit extensively before and think you don’t need the ‘Prep Course,’ contact us at to arrange your first visit.


Detailed information on pricing is available on our pricing page.

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