Boot Camps

Our boot camps are designed to get you the best results possible in the shortest time possible with a focus on aerobic capacity, functional core strength and joint stability. Visit our Boot Camp homepage here!

When is it?

Boot Camp meets from 6:45 – 7:30 AM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

What will you do in the Boot Camp classes?

You’ll enjoy working out in a positive, supportive atmosphere with high energy coaching and plenty of accountability. Expect running and rowing, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics and athletic drills, kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, rings, sleds, and all manner of functional movements. You’ll get a total body workout and improve your overall fitness level in the shortest time possible.

We match the exercises to your current ability level and fitness capacity to ensure that beginner to advanced athletes experience a fun and challenging workout at every session.


Boot Camp (2x/week): $99/month

Boot Camp (3x/week): $119/month

How do I join Boot Camp?

There are no prerequisites to join Boot Camp. Boot Camp is included in all Solidarity CrossFit memberships. If you are interested in purchasing a Boot Camp-only membership click the button below.

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