Solidarity Barbell Club

The Solidarity Barbell Club (the Barbell Bloc), a sanctioned USAW club, provides an opportunity to learn and train barbell based strength sports. We focus primarily on Olympic Weightlifting (the clean & jerk and snatch) and accessory movements to support these lifts.


When is it?

Barbell Club offers three  lifting sessions:

  • 1830 on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 0845-1000 on Saturdays

What will you do in the Barbell Club classes?

  • Follow the programming of the day OR
  • Follow a strength-specific program (pre-approval required) OR
  • Pursue additional weightlifting or powerlifting skill work and accessory work
    This is not CrossFit open gym.

How do I join Barbell Club?

Barbell Club is included in all Solidarity CrossFit memberships. If you are interested in purchasing a Barbell Club-only membership, please contact us at or (434) 218-2111.


Barbell Club (3 classes per week – M/Th/Sat): $99/month

Barbell Club (3 classes per week – M/Th/Sat) + Unlimited Open Gym: $135/month*

*Open gym requires pre-approval from coaching staff

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