2018 Open Intramurals

2018 Open Intramurals

The 2018 Open at Solidarity will be a 5-week in-house competition. After you register for the open, you will be drafted to one of four teams: Team Eagle, Team Key, Team Hammer, Team Fist. Throughout the Open, you will be working towards gaining points for your team.

This competition is chiefly about participation and having fun! (scroll down for scoring details)

How do you get involved?

Step 1: Register for the CrossFit Open by February 9th here & pre-order your custom SCF Open shirt before February 7th here.
Step 2: Be on the lookout for an email from your team captain.
Step 3: Have fun!


Team Eagle: Connor & Seth
Team Key: Gabby & Mira
Team Hammer: Danielle & Ryan
Team Fist: Jasonn & Michael

Team Fist Team Eagle Team Key Team Hammer
Jasonn Ross Connor Duddy Gabby Ocker Danielle Derby
Michael Towne Seth Coogan Mira Korb Ryan Sica
Alex Adkins Alex Kozoyed Alex Stultz Ashley Kasonik
Bruce Goldsmith Ben Brinkop Andy Kinley Brad Miller
Bridget Harned Chelsea Frame Brodde Lamb Bernadette Donovan
Christy Pagels Chris Meadows Britt Evans Brian Hubbell
Debbie Goldsmith Daniel Williams Chase Lindsey Courtney Coker
Gordon Johnson Dawn Hance Cori Giller Erick Morton
Joe Sacco Devlin McDermott Franklyn Darnis Erin Perry
John Greenfield Evan Jones Jeri Seidman Grace Jackson
Kara McDermott Geoff Gordon Kevin Devine Grant Watts
Lindsay Burton Jonathan Perry Lisa Wallace Jaimie Phipps
Matt Hirst Justin Stanton Maggie Preas Jeff Bynum
Matt Yancey Kara Trivolis Maya Vasser Josh Seidman
MJ Sacco Katie Pflueger Michael Russamano Mary Heaton
Nate Silver Lisa Beach Nicole Brown Rupert Egan
Ryan Hutchinson-Jarvis Matt Greene Philip Renkert Stefani Bell
Storrs Lamb Michael Caires Roger Reynolds Tim Herbert
Tom Henry Steve Anzuini Tolu Odukoya Alan Susi
Charlie Jackson Amy Nicholas Eric Ross Brandon W
Ashwynn Halbert

Solidarity Open Schedule

The Open is 5 weeks long, beginning Thursday, February 22nd and ending Monday, March 26th. Each week, Solidarity will host two main events each week of the Open:

  • Thursday night viewing party (2000) & Thursday night throwdown (NEW!) – starts Thursday, February 22 

    • The CrossFit Games live streams the announcement.

    • NEW! Thursday Night Throwdown: one team member from each team has the opportunity to do the workout and win points for their team

  • Friday Night Lights (1630-1900) – starts Friday, February 23The is the time we are encouraging the bulk of SCF members to do the workout. We will ensure everyone gets a judge and the atmosphere will be perfect for drawing out your best performance!

    • 1630, Welcome and Warm Up

    • 1700-1900, heats

    • We will be running heats as necessary throughout the night.  You will be able to sign up for a heat in advance or the night of.

Intramural Scoring

Participation Points

+1 Point for every member of a team that enters an Open workout score online each week.

+1 Point for each team member that participates in Friday Night Lights (as athlete, judge, or both

+0.5 Point for each member who comes to the Thursday Night Viewing Party

+5 Points for each team that has an athlete compete in the Thursday Night Throwdown after the viewing party.

Performance bonuses

+2 Points – Top 5 Scaled: every male AND female member who places among the Top 5 Overall at SCF in that week’s Scaled workout gets an extra 2 points for their team.

+3 Points – Top 5 RX: every male AND female member who places among the Top 5 Overall at SCF in that week’s RX workout gets an extra 3 points for their team.

+3 Points – Regional placing: every male AND female member who places among the Top 100 in the Mid-Atlantic Region in their age group/category gets an extra 3 points for their team.

Spirit Points

+5 Points for the best team uniform each week

+3 Points for each team that makes an inspirational or funny Instagram post related to the Open while at Friday Night Lights

+5 Bonus Points to the team with the post with the most likes by the next Friday Night Lights

Weekly Challenge Points

TBA! Each week we will announce a new challenge that will allow your team to earn more points.