2016 Solidarity Team Series


Welcome to the Solidarity Team Series!

The STS is an in-house four person team competition comprised of 3 workouts over three weeks. The winning team will be determined via original CrossFit Games system (1 point for 1st place, 2 for 2nd…lowest score wins).

The Schedule

A new workout will be released each Wednesday night beginning on October 5th. You have until the following Monday at 8PM to submit a score.

Week 1: October 5 – 10
Week 2: October 12 – 17
Week 3: October 19 – 25

Completing Workouts

The primary time for the workouts to be completed is the Saturday 1000 class. The Team Series workout will be the Saturday WOD and judges will be provided.

If a Saturday is not possible for your team, Open Gym at 1100 on Saturday or 1100 on Sunday are also available. The workouts can be done during other class times if space is available. However, workouts may not interfere with regular scheduled classes. Please check with the coach before a class begins as to the feasibility of working during a class and ensure there is space available. Coach(es) on duty are not responsible for facilitating or judging your workout.

The Teams

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Brad Miller Michael Caires Josh Jenkins
Justin Stanton Tom Henry Joe Sacco
Jeri Seidman Chelsea Frame Matt Veckman
MJ Sacco Haley Bookbinder Ashley Kasonik
Team 4 Team 5 Team 6
Michael Towne Alan Susi Evan Jones
Mindy Colden Roger Reynolds Nate Johnson
Mark Mascotte John Greenfield Lindsay Burton
Anna Goldsmith Alex Kozoyed Debbie Goldsmith
Team 7 Team 8 Team 9
Brig Leland Erick Morton Britt Evans
Kino Ben Brinkop Trip Colden
Katherine Bruton Courtney Coker Becca Hardin
Maha Albesharah Jasmine Cabrera Joy Miller




Every event must be judged! Please use the scorecard below. Judges will be arranged on Saturday as part of the day’s workout. It is the team’s responsibility to secure a judge at other times.

A judge can be any Solidarity CrossFit member who is willing to uphold movement standards. Be honest, this is for the most part on honor system. Judges help ensure correct rep counts and to remind people of accidental lapses in range of motion.

Week 1, Event 1&2 Scorecard

Week 2, Event 3&4 Scorecard

Week 3, Events 5,6,&7 Scorecard

Score Submission

Scorecards should be left at the gym. Scores must be submitted to the online tracker below by 8PM on the Monday following the workouts release.

Week 3 Score Submission


View the leaderboard.

FAQ – any questions submitted will be answered and posted here.

What if a team member is not responsive or cannot make any of the workout times?

Contact michael@solidaritycrossfit.com and we will try to find an alternate to replace the unavailable team member

Who can be a judge?

A judge can be any Solidarity CrossFit member who is willing to uphold movement standards. Be honest, this is for the most part on honor system. Judges help ensure correct rep counts and to remind people of accidental lapses in range of motion.

Is there a women’s weight for event 1?

No, there is only the weights listed.

For Event 3, can an athlete split snatch?


For Event 3, are these hang power snatch, or is a squat required?

Power OR full squat are both acceptable, stated another way: a squat is not required but is acceptable.

For both Events 3 & 4, how many judges do you recommend per team?

One. During event three make sure the judge is ready to view your snatch attempt.

Is the 200 calories on airbike part of the 14:00 cap?

Yes. The air bike is part of event 4 and must be done within the 14:00 cap.


Event 1&2

Two chances to win!

Partner 1 and 2:

For Time: Row 3000m (switch every 500m, rower counts down – time on rower is score)

While one person is rowing, other member is completing an AMRAP of:
8 Front Rack Barbell Reverse Lunges Lunges (75#, full extension at top, soft knee touch to ground in rear)
8 Burpees over the Bar (two foot take off, two foot land, NO stepping)

Note time to complete row and rounds and reps of AMRAP completed

At 20:00, partner 3 and 4:

For Time: Row 2000m (switch every 500m, rower counts down – time on rower is score)

While one person is rowing, the member is completing an AMRAP of:
8 Reverse Goblet Lunges (35# KB, full extension at top, soft knee touch to ground in rear)
8 Burpees

Note time to complete row and rounds and reps of AMRAP completed

Scoring: Time to complete row for partner 1&2 and time to complete row for partner 3&4 will be added together; that is your Score for event 1. Total reps from 1&2 and total reps from 3&4 will be added together; that is your score for Event 2.

Event 3&4, October 12th-17th

Two more chances to win! Amazing!

Event 3:

8:00 Establish a 1 Rep Max Hang Snatch.

  • Arms hips legs extended. Press out is OK. Any *lock out* achieved after time expires does not count. Power or split snatch is acceptable.
  • 33# bars count as 35. 44# bars count as 45. Lowest increment of weight increase is 5# (no dingles).
  • Bar must be stood up to full extension before beginning the rep. The rep must be taken from *above* the knee but can be done from higher (hip snatches are OK).
  • No more than two bars per team. Bars begin unloaded.

Scoring:  Add each athlete’s best successful lift. Highest total wins.

Event 4, Chipper:

For time (14:00 time cap):

200 calories on the Assault Bike.

  • Athletes must order themselves 1-4 and all must rotate on bike in that order. When an athlete’s turn comes up, they must spin at least two calories before switching to next athlete.
  • ONE bike per team. Yes, this means you may need to adjust the seat or have tall people stand up while biking.

Immediately into:

30 Synchronized, alternating, dumbbell Snatch (50/40/30/20)

30 Arms Interlocked Sit Ups

30 Synchro Alt. DB Snatch (50/40/30/20)

  • All teams will have one dumbbell at each prescribed weight, they can be divided up in any manner with one dumbbell per person. They can even be traded mid-WOD.
  • Snatches require full extension of hips, knees, and elbow. Arm must be straight up with bicep next to ear.
  • Alternating means that athletes must switch hands between each rep while the dumbbell is *on the groud*.
  • Synchronized is defined as ALL FOUR reps happening in unison and arms locked out at the top of the snatch simultaneously. The judge will count the rep when all four are extended straight up, bicep next to ear. If one or more come down early (before count) repetition does not count.
  • During sit ups all four athletes must sit completely up with backs perpendicular to the earth simultaneously for repetition to count. Feet must remain on ground at all times with knees up and heels tucked to body.
  • 1 second will be added to team’s time for every rep not completed within the time cap.

Event 4 Scoring: Lowest time wins.

Events 5, 6, & 7, October 19th-24th

Three chances to win!

Event 5

For Time:

4x400m Relay

  • 400m begins at standard solidarity start line in parking lot.
  • Each athlete must tag the next athlete who is waiting at start line.
  • All runs must be standard solidarity 400m course.

Event 6

For total weight:

4 x 1 minute, as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of Squat Cleans

  • Clock is programmed for 4 rounds of 1:00 work / :30 transition/loading between minutes. Each of four teammates gets 1:00 to complete as many squat cleans as possible.
  • Each rep begins with the bar on the ground. Bar is then cleaned and must go through a full squat (crease of hip below knee) and then stood all the way up with bar above collar bone and knees, and hips fully extended. Reps can be touch and go but NO BOUNCING. Power/muscle clean + front squat is allowed.
  • Each athlete chooses their weight in minimum increments of 5# (no dingles). Womens bars will count as 35#, male bars as 45#.
  • Bar begins with first athlete’s weight pre-loaded. All other loading must happen in :30 transition. If bar is not ready the athlete loses that time, the clock does not stop and no time will be added. Likewise if  bar is ready before transition time ends athlete must wait for minute to start before beginning.
  • Each team may have two bars ( one 35, one 45), but only only the first bar used can begin loaded.
  • All athletes must declare weight before workout begins to judge who records all loads prior to start and confirms load after each transition.
  • Score is total weight lifted between all four athletes, highest total wins.

Event 7

12:00 AMRAP:

Partner 1:  12 Burpee Pull Ups

8 Synchro Hi-Five Burpees (entire team)

Partner 2:  24 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

8 Synchro Hi-Five Burpees (entire team)

Parnter 3:  24 Kettlbell Snatch (44/26)

8 Synchro Hi-Five Burpees (entire team)

Partner 4:  8 Wall Walks

8 Synchro Hi-Five Burpees (entire team)

  • Each athlete is assigned a single movement for the duration of the workout. While an athlete is completing their movement no one else is working. After each athlete completes their assigned workout all four teammates do synchro burpees before next movement can begin.
  • Burpee Pull Ups: Pull Up Bar must be at least 6″ above the reach of the athlete. Chest touches the ground on the burpee and chin finishes above the bar on the pull up
  • Box Jump Over: Athlete starts on one side of the box and must touch both feet on the top of the box and finish on the other side. You do not need to reach full extension on top of the box
  • Wall Walk: Starts with athletes chest on the ground in push up position and finishes in a fully extended handstand with the athletes nose against the wall. You must show control on the descent. Falling off wall is a no-rep.
  • Kettlebell Snatch: The athlete must reach full extension of the arm, shoulder, hips and knees at the top of the snatch (bicep next to the ear)
  • Synchro Burpees: Athletes must touch their chests to the ground at the same time and jump and high five each other in a circle. All athlates must be in the air when the high-five occurs.
  • Scoring: Most repetitions wins