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Fitness: Deadlift, 4×2 Linear Progression

Performance: Work to a 3RM with a two second pause at the knee during the first rep only. Then two drop sets at 90% with no pauses.


Teams of two, OPWAAT, 15 minutes, as many rounds as possible:

  • 10 Dual Kettlebell Russian Swings
  • 10m Dual Kettlebell Walking Lunges
  • 10 Dual Kettlebell Clean & Jerks
  • 10m Dual Kettlebell Farmers Walk

Someone laid out festivus

0845 Weightlifting

1) Snatch, pause three seconds 2″off floor and three seconds in bottom of receiving position: 3@ 40%, 3@ 50%, 2@ 60%, 2@ 70%, 2@ 75%, 1@ 80%, then find max with zero misses

2) Push Press, work to a 5RM, then two drop sets @ 90%

1000 CrossFit

Working in teams of three, 30 minutes, as many rounds as possible:

  • 800 Meter Run  together
  • 45 Dumbbell Thrusters , OPWAAT (35/25)
  • 400 Meter Farmers Carry together, two dumbbells  (35/25)



Fitness: Back Squat, 3×5 Linear Progression

Performance: Back Squat, work to a 5RM with a 3 second pause at bottom during first rep only. Then two drop sets at 90% with no pauses.


3 rounds of:

  • 30 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
  • 15 Burpee Box-Jump-Overs (24/20)

Rest 1:00 between each round


Pigeon Pose, keep chest up and hinge forward at hips. Experiment with PNF by pushing knee into ground. Accumulate 2 minutes per side.

Dark Siders appeases the mobility Gods
We are excited to announce a new class: Restore

This class will meet Sundays at 10AM and will focus on restoring and maintaining functional ranges of motion.

Expect an intense session of mobility utilizing proven techniques such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching (PNF).

Just like getting strong- getting supple requires hard work- and this is exactly what is often missing from our mobility work.

Mobility and deep stretching is something we often don’t have time to delve into during our already full hour of strength and conditioning in daily classes. We hope that with this class however we can bridge the gap and not only make improvements during this hour, but also allow our athletes to add to their arsenal of mobility tools to use on their own.



1a) Fitness: Press, 3×5 Linear Progression

Performance: Press, 5RM, then two drop sets at 90%

1b) Weighted/Strict Pull-Ups 3x ME (aim for 5-8 reps)


Teams of two, 10 Rounds:

  • Partner one:  Row 2 minutes for max meters
  • Partner two: 6 Heavy Dumbbell Snatches (3L/3R)

Switch positions every 2 minutes with 10 seconds transition time. Record total meters and dumbbell weight used.


Floor chest stretch; can be done with bent legs, 2-3 sets of 90 sec, may incorporate PNF by pushing into floor.



Fitness: Deadlift, 4×2, Linear Progression

Performance: Work to a 3RM with a three second pause at the knee during the first rep only. Then two drop sets at 90% with no pauses.


3 Rounds:

  • 10 Front Rack Barbell Lunges
  • 10 Strict Toes to Bar
  • 50 Double Unders

Go AHAP on the lunges while still unbroken.


Andreo Spina hamstring stretch: 2-3 sets of 90 seconds per leg



1) Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, 1 Clean. Work up in weight throughout; zero misses.

2a) Fitness: Bench Press, 3×5 Linear Progression

Performance: Bench Press, 8RM, then two drop sets @ 90%

2b) Dumbbell Rows: 3×20 (10L/10R), AHAP

Optional Cash-Out:

3) Unilateral Farmer’s Walk, 25m x 6 – alternate hands (KB or fat grip DB, AHAP)

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